Incentive to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Outdoors / April 26th, 2011
incentive to boost curb appeal
Want the curb appeal of a home like this one? Find inspiring ideas in my new book The Happy Home Project, and if you win the contest sponsored by Ace Hardware and the Weather Channel you could get it done for free! Photograph: James Yochum.

Ready to take on a little yard work? Here’s an extra incentive to keep you motivated. Ace Hardware has teamed up with The Weather Channel to launch their “Restore Your Outdoors” contest, which will reward one deserving homeowner with a customized outdoor makeover.

“People often underestimate the amount of damage winter weather conditions can have on their lawns, and no one wants to sink all of their free time into repairing these issues,” said Lou Manfredini, Ace Hardware’s home expert. “Our partnership with The Weather Channel not only offers us the opportunity to makeover a deserving outdoor space, but also provides homeowners with targeted lawn and garden advice so they can spruce up their outdoor areas and get back to enjoying their weekends.”

From now until May 15, consumers are invited to nominate their own home by submitting photos of their drab, lackluster lawns or outdoor spaces. One winner will receive the outdoor makeover of his or her dreams. Visitors to the website can also view voting criteria, check out other submissions and share content with their friends and family.

The final winner’s makeover will be revealed and featured in an extended programming block on The Weather Channel on May 29. Entries can be submitted online by clicking here. No purchase is necessary to enter or win the contest.


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4 Replies to “Incentive to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal”

  1. My yards need all the help they can get after we received record rainfall this winter.

    My yard becomes a swamp during heavy rains. And the spalling concrete, the recent lack of vegetation on the county side of the property and well, it’s looking pretty sad.

    Couple that with two lovely, but active canine residents and we have a candidate!

  2. It’s already May and the snow has just barely melted in Minnesota. We had a herd of deer in our yard/woods all winter and they ate some of our shrubs. We need to replace at least three.

    1. Ah, the never-ending dance we do with Mother Nature. I’ve read that placing a bar of Irish Spring soap under the shrubs is an eco-friendly way to keep the deer away. Let me know if you try it.

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