clever corner curtain idea
Designer/photographer Jennifer Levy came up a clever curtain idea to cover the glass doors leading to her terrace when needed yet not block the view when it isn’t.

A talented photographer and designer, Jennifer Levy is known for her imaginative problem-solving ideas. Take this clean, crisp curtain idea she came up with to cover the glass door leading to the terrace of her Brooklyn brownstone, for example. By installing a curved track and floor-length cotton panel along the ceiling in front of the door and along the adjacent wall, she was able to completely cover the door to control light and add privacy when necessary. But when she wants access to the full view, the curved track allows the curtain to be swept fully away from the door without blocking the window that would have occurred with a traditional rod and curtains since there’s no room for the curtains to stack back beyond the edge of the door at the corner.

Even Jennifer’s business approach is creative—her one- and two-day design solutions provide busy homeowners with well-consider floor plan ideas, furniture options and palette schemes they can purchase and install themselves for a reasonable price. To see more of Jennifer’s designs or enquire about a consultation, visit the Web site for her firm Cav Design.

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